Recyco swedish dishcloth
Recyco Swedish Dishcloth

The Perfect Combo of a Sponge & a Cloth.

A Zero-waste, sustainable alternative

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The Perfect Combo of a Sponge and a Cloth

Made from 100% natural cottons and cellulose fibers, not only is our Swedish dishcloth great for the environment, it’s also the perfect zero-waste alternative to sponges, dishcloth, and paper towels.

- Each dishcloth replaces up to 1,700 sheets of paper towel
- Multi-purpose cleaning
- Holds 17x its weight in water
- Odor resistant
- Dries quickly
- Machine/Dishwasher-washable

Sustainably Made, In & Out

By using 100% natural materials, our Swedish dishcloth is fully biodegradable/compostable.

- Made from 100% cotton & plant-based cellulose fibers
- Materials sourced from Germany
- Plastic-free, zero-waste packaging
- Oeko Tex® 100 certified

Versatility is the Name of the Game

Cleaning has never been this easy before, our dishcloth works perfectly on almost any surface for you to..

- Soaking up spills of all kinds, from water to juice to sauces.
- Wiping down countertops and stoves
- Cleaning windows and mirrors streak-free
- Removing dirts and debris off fruits and vegetables
- Drying wet dishes from the dishwasher
- Dusting around the house
- And much more...

Just 3 Easy Steps, Enjoy Your Hassle-free Cleaning Experience

Wet it

Wipe it

Clean it (If necessary)

What is a dishcloth & How can you use them?

Customer reviews
This is the first time that I have tried the Swedish dishcloths, and I am impressed that they do a good job and are easy to clean (even in the dishwasher!).
— Sandy P.
Super absorbent, easily gets grimy toddler finger prints off furniture/floors/etc. Excellent product and will save me a bunch of money (and trees).
— Breeze T.
They are like very thick paper towels that you can wash over and over again. They are not bulky like wash clothes so you can get most of the moisture out and not have watermarks all over the place.
— Robin C.
I hate using dishcloths because they start to stink and get gross. But so far, after using for two weeks these towels rocks! I’ve used the same one for a week and it doesn’t even have a smell to it! I
— Kelsey B.

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